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The IgnitionAV Story

Stop us if you've been here before. You spend tons of time and money carefully selecting your new entertainment system; an AV receiver, amplifier, speakers, soundbar, video game console...heaven awaits! As you begin setting up your new gear, your excitement evaporates as you realize "I'm missing some cables". Cancel movie night!

Undaunted by this setback, you pull out that dusty box of aging cables, rummaging to see if by some stroke of luck you've accumulated the missing interconnects. Then there's that nagging voice in the back of your mind reminding you that these cables are old, of questionable quality, most of them being thrown in with some outdated device you bought years ago.

This happens all the time, as it did to the founder of IgnitionAV. When you spend thousands of your hard-earned dollars on an entertainment system, the output is only as good as the cables that tie the system together, and not just any cables will do your system justice. But after your spending spree, you can't fathom the idea of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on cables.

It doesn't have to be this way.

IgnitionAV offers a range of well-crafted, high-performance HDMI, Stereo RCA, Toslink Optical Digital, and Subwoofer cables at surprisingly affordable prices.

So go ahead, use that skinny old optical cable. Does that HDMI cable with the flimsy connector even support HDMI 2.0? And let's not even talk about that frayed subwoofer cable.

A/V installation professionals choose Ignition Pro cables to ensure the systems they build are not only reliable and well put together, but for their flawless performance. And now you can own these cables as well! Explore our cables and make sure your system's music, movies, video games, and more sound and look the way they were intended to be experienced!